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When it comes to catching Bass the right lure will help your odds quite a bit. Some fish will bite on anything that is shiny, but other fish – like the bass – are a bit more picky, especially if you want to catch BIG bass. In this article I will share what I feel is the best way to catch a big bass, the lures that have given me the best results and I will also help you understand the behavior of big bass so that you will know HOW and WHERE to fish for them.

The best lures for Bass

In my opinion the best lures for Bass are the soft plastic worms, we aren’t talking the tiny worms, you want to use BIG juicy looking plastic worms. My favorite one is the 5 or 6 inch Senko worms, I like the red shad color but there are a lot of great colors out there. Here are the reasons I think these are the best baits for Bass

  • They look like BIG juicy worms, a significant meal for a hungry Bass
  • They have great action in the water and you can make them swim like a big worm
  • When Bass bite on these worms THEY BITE HARD, you know when you’ve got a fish. It is crazy how hard they hit the Senko worms compared to other lures I use
  • They are easy to pitch and present
  • There are many different ways to rig them to present them differently

How to rig up your soft plastics worms

The image to the right shows a few different ways to rig up a plastic worm. The top worm is wacky rigged. With a wacky rig you get a lot of play in the worm, some people put the hook right through the plastic but this will cause your plastic to rip and tear so a lot of people use an o-ring or even a zip tie so the worm lasts longer. I also like to use this method on worms that have been beat up after a lot of casts while Texas rigged.

To get a weedless set-up for wacky-rigged worms just put the hook all the way through the worm, then bring it back up into the worm.

The bottom three worms are all Texas rigged. This is a great way to pull a plastic worm through weeds without getting snagged. A true Texas rig would have a bullet weight on the line which would help it fall through lilly pads and other vegetation.

There are a few different ways to rig up a soft plastic, my favorite methods are Texas rigged (sometimes weightless, sometimes with a bullet weight) and also wacky rigged. You can make both of these rigs weedless, although I find the Texas rig the best one to pull through weeds.

How to texas rig a Senko

How to Wacky rig a Senko

These videos should help you learn my two favourite ways to rig up my soft plastics.

Where do Bass like to Hang Out?

This is an important question if you want to catch a Bass. The big Bass tend to behave a bit differently than the smaller ones. To catch a big lunker bass you need to look for a few things. You want to find food for the Bass, cover, and deep water. Bass like to hang out in about 12 feet of water or less, but they also like the option to swim to deeper water if they are threatened, and of course they like food. If you find a spot with these three variables there is a good chance you will find Bass.

This log would be a good spot to throw your soft plastic and try to catch a Bass. I caught a nice 18 inch small mouth under a log just like this one, just cast it close to the log, let it drop, and then jerk your rod a few times to make the worm twitch.

How to catch the bass

  • Toss your soft plastic worm close to cover like fallen trees, docks, or lilly pads
  • Let the worm fall a bit, sometimes the Bass will grab it as it’s falling
  • After a few seconds give it a light jerk to make the worm twitch, this will also sometimes trigger a response from a Bass that is watching
  • Wait a few seconds after your initial jerk, and then slowly reel it in with a little twitch of the rod every few seconds
  • If a Bass bites make sure you set the hook before the fish decides to spit your bait out

Why Bass Bite

It is important to understand why Bass bite so you can better understand them and how you can catch them.There are three main reasons why they bite

  • They are hungry
    • This one is the most obvious, but you should know that Bass are picky. They won’t bother to eat something if it is not worth the energy needed to get it. A big Bass will not chase or go after a small worm, or small lure, if it were real food it would not give them enough energy so they just leave it. If they see a nice big worm they are more likely to swim out and get it, or even chase it a bit to try to get it
  • Reflexes
    • This is how you can catch a fish even if he isn’t hungry and it makes it easy to catch Bass if you know where they might be. Think about what you would do if someone quickly threw a ball at you, you would instinctively put up your hands and try to catch it. Fish behave in a similar manner if something lands right in front of them, without thinking they will grab it because it is their first instinct.  If it lands 10 feet away they won’t bother to swim out and grab it, that is why it is important to land your lure close to where the bass are hiding
  • Anger and Territory
    • Some Bass might just be mad that another entity is in their home, if a Bass is always hanging out under a fallen tree and you throw your big worm right into it’s house it might just bite it out of anger.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you catch a few big Bass of your own, let me know what your favourite Bass lure is!

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